Wednesday, 17 December 2014

PUNKS MUSIC Breaks & Bass Releases [Mafia Kiss - Nixon - Keith MacKenzie & Fixx]

Its time to escape for a while from the high bpm range of breakbeats and moving to one of the most essential labels in the nuskool Breaks & Bass scene, founded by the established & respected duet like UK's Stanton Warriors. Here are some of the latest Punks Music releases, which will draw your attention & need to check them out and grab your copies.

Starting up with Mafia Kiss ( who's making some outstanding steps forward on his music career over the last years as he has won 'Best New Producer' on 2012 Breakspoll Awards, gained support from lots of DJs in the scene and currently hitting no.2 on Beatport's Breaks Charts with his latest hit 'It Began in Detroit' part of self-titled 4track EP full of Bass and pure atmosphere. A Highly recommended release for the lovers!

You can purchase your copies on Beatport here

Second display comes from London's Breaks producer/DJ like Nixon ( who's recipe is totally successful as he blends different elements of dub, jungle & hip hop on a 4 track Bass EP titled 'The Basics Of Love', being the 38th digital release of the label.
To celebrate this release Punks Music have given away a Nixon rework on LTJ Bukem's 'Atlantis'. Free Download of it by clicking here

You can purchase your copies on Beatport here

Keith MacKenzie ( meets Fixx ( and the dish is served on a strictly 808 bass plate! It's a US conspiracy of Bass tied up on 2 tracks and 'ill city Bass' is out now to set fire on the dancefloor! Watch  out!

You can purchase your copies on Beatport  here


Monday, 15 December 2014

Sparki Dee - The Oldskool Experience Album [Available For Free Download Now!!!!]

1/ Acid Rain.
2/ Rinse Out The Awesome Bells.
3/ What Is Techno.
4/ Hi Octane.
5/ Symmetry. 
6/ Liftin Spirits.
7/ Innocence.
8/ Tribute To Atlantis (Euphoric Wonderland).
9/ Liftin Spirits (KDV Mix).
10/ The End.
As Christmas nears and the TV and radio stations are clogged with festive cheese and ever present X-Factor predictability, Ramsgate based producer and DJ, Sparki Dee offers up the perfect remedy to ease the more discerning listener's ears. After building up a strong discography on labels including Kode 5 Recordings, Hardcore Lives, Azzuro Digital and our very own 'Strictly NuSkool Volume One' compilation, Sparki unleashes his first artist album, 'The Oldskool Experience' on December 17th. and proves to be a multi-genre spanning collection of techno, house, hardcore breaks, jungle and drum & bass tracks, all keeping the spirit of oldskool rave music well and truly alive.
Starting off with the mellow opener 'Acid Rain', a track which re-ignites the classic glory days of acid house and warehouse parties and 'Rinse Out The Awesome Bells', which borrows 2 classic elements from oldskool hardcore and early drum & bass to devastating nuskool effect.
Up next is 'What Is Techno' an uplifting and pumping techno tinged house track followed closely by a personal firm favourite, the aptly named 'Hi-Octane' which crosses a thumping kickdrum with crunching breaks and an infectiously euphoric stab melody.
'The Oldskool Experience' then steers towards a drum & bass direction with 'Symmetry' and 'Liftin Spirits', the latter of which pays tribute to the classic jungle label from the mid-nineties with it's fusion of breakneck beats, booming bassline and soaring strings. Up next is another hardcore breaks, piano slammer entitled 'Innocence', which can only be summed up as Adamski meets 1994 junglistic hardcore.
'Tribute To Atlantis (Euphoric Wonderland)' follows next paying homage to the 1993 Good Looking Records classic in bombastic style and is backed up by the 'KDV Mix' of 'Liftin Spirits' which adds a touch of hardcore flava to the original jungle mix.
Accurately named closing track, 'The End' starts off at a chilled downtempo breakbeat pace, before the BPM rockets off to a thundering pace with it's breakneck speed bass, thumping kicks and rolling breaks. An excellent blend of tempo-bending, uplifting happy hardcore/breakcore to round off a slickly produced and altogether, energetically euphoric album. Huge respects go out to Sparki Dee for releasing this beast of an album.

'The Oldskool Experience' album is be available as a free download from the Sparki Dee Bandcamp and Soundcloud pages linked below...
Downloads are now active on the individual links below from Sparki Dee's Soundcloud page (just click the arrow button to download your 320 bitrate MP3) and from Sparki's Bandcamp page (just click on the 'Buy Now' tab and enter the amount you wish to pay - it's a Free Download, but don't be afraid to give a little support either!)...

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E001:: JOHN ROWE 'Nurave EP' [out on Enigmatic Output]

Enigmatic Output is a brand new underground label from Newcastle, UK (sub-label of Hypnohouse Label) with a mission to deliver the true oldskool rave sound to nuskool masses spitting Acid, Techno and Breakbeats vibes! Their first release is out now and is called 'Nurave EP' offering 2 tracks from its main man like John Rowe who's blending Techno and Breakbeats on '1992 (Move Your Body Mix)' which is the hit of this release, followed by the hardcore techno rhythms of 'Exstatic Sleazebagz'.
Both are simply massive oldskool rollers keeping up the faith to the early days! Great EP and pretty good debut of Enigmatic buzz!

You can grab this release from here



Friday, 12 December 2014

DJ Wislov - Retrospective [RAVENOYZ RECORDINGS]

Tenerife's Nu-Rave finest dj/producer like DJ Wislov ends up 2014 with a great success with KODE 5 Recordings released tune 'Clearchous Echeyed' (along with Greek producer AlexBreako) and setting up his personal label called Ravenoyz Recordings.
This label has already 3 EPs which feature stuff made by him during 2000-2014 and is now mastered and available to buy and add it on your collection.
Wanna taste a nuskool flavour of Darkside & Oldskool Hardcore nowadays? Then DJ Wislov is the right one to show your the way and fuelfil your desires.
'Retrospective' is the latest addition on his personal EPs and is out now from here.

Five tracks of pure hardcore and  '...Kick that Bass!'



Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Tima-Old Dudes [HC Recordings]

You certainly don't need to be a 'old dude' to appreciate this uplifting breakbeat hardcore/DnB track by Tima, theres plenty of reach for the lazers riffs, smiley pianos and ravey vox plus a nice heavy 2 stepping beat and subs to round off things nicely, a track to rave to, a track to crank up nice and loud, get on this!!!


[KFA61] Luna-C - A Whirlwind Of WHAT? (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW ON KNITFORCE AGAIN]

1/ Back'n'Back (Luna-C Version).
2/ Because Im Fucking Angry.
3/ Emus In The Asylum.
4/ Fly To Heaven.
Executive Edition Tracks
5/ Take Me Away (Haze Remix).
6/ Back'n'Back (Public Version).
After a 2 year break from producing hardcore music to pursue a folk-rock music project as Reeve, Kniteforce label owner, Chris 'Luna-C' Howell steps back into the rave arena with his long awaited comeback EP 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT? (Executive Edition)'.
Featuring 6 brand new, upfront breakbeat hardcore tracks, 'Back'n'Back (Luna-C Version)' opens up in manic, sampleadelic fashion, merging oldskool hip-hop vox (Eric B & Rakim, Public Enemy, etc) and a plethora of eclectic samples with rolling breaks, pounding bass and euphoric synths to awesomely chaotic effect.
Luna-C takes things of into moodier territory with the aggressive 'Because I'm Fucking Angry' which is propelled with a pounding 4/4 kickdrum, gnarly, growling bass and accentuated with smatterings of breaks along with some seriously pissed off vocals. 'Emus In The Asylum' follows suit and comes in with horror movie samples, raucious guitars, monolithic riffs and an inexplicable focus on 'Emus'! Oh yeah, can't forget the little borrow from The Prodigy also.
Highlight of the EP for me is the astoundingly feelgood 'Fly To Heaven' with it's simply gorgeous pianos, luscious female vocals battling it out with rolling amen breaks and boombastic bass. If ever there was a track that could champion the cause of happy D&B, this would be it!
Included only in the for a limited time only Executive Edition version is the energetic reworking of the Kniteforce Records classic 'Take Me Away' by label newcomer, Haze, who takes the soaringly euphoric happy hardcore original into pounding hard trance territory, with devastating results. Closing off the EP is the 'Public Mix' of 'Back'n'Back', which in Luna-C's own words is the more "normal" version, with less samples than the more traditional Luna-C, eclectic version.
A welcome return to one of hardcore's founding artists and a sure sign that Luna-C and the Kniteforce brand will continue to carry the flag for all forms of hardcore music.
The Luna-C 'A Whirlwind Of WHAT?' EP is available to download as a 6-Track Executive Edition for 4 weeks only, before tracks 4 & 6 are deleted from sale. So get in there early to avoid missing out. It available for a $6.50 (or £4.15 UK money!), just follow the link below. You know it makes sense!!!

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Monday, 8 December 2014

DJ Pantelis 'Its Just A Feeling (Breakbeat Mix)' [1993]

You could describe it like .. 'Better late than never' or some others stuck to the Oldskool could also say 'better 1993 than nothing'..Well no need to argue with none of these as this breakbeat gem in here is defo.. sexy!
DJ Pantelis (aka Pantelis Kotakis) from Greece takes us back in time and offers us a hidden gem from his vaults as it was released only on white label by a limited number of 500 copies in Germany. This track is called 'Its Just A Feeling [Breakbeat Mix]' and was written & produced by him during October 1993 using for equipment: Roland W-30, Roland S750 and Korg M1. Worth to mention that it was played out for the first time on summer 1994, when he was a resident dj on Acropol Club in Salonica, Greece.
It's an alive feeling, a true goosebumps gem aged 21 years old today, which is still pumping, and rolling inside us! Was really amazing to learn about this track's history and being honoured and happy for this pure Greek product from such an established producer/dj like DJ Pantelis, who's spinning the buzz for over than 20 years focusing mainly on Tech House and Tribal House sounds.
Apart from producing and djing he's also running his labels like Sugar Factory Records ( Synthetical Records ( He is one of the most successful Greek producers in Europe with alot of projects from various genres of dance music.

Press the 'PLAY' button  and enjoy it loud & proud! 
This is ripped by a TDK Chrome cassette and given away on free download to all!

Manic - I'm Coming Hardcore remix - out from  Synthetical Records on March 2015

DJ Pantelis Roland sampler disks



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