Saturday, 20 September 2014

[KODE 075] Silent Force - 1993 (Out Now On Kode 5 Recordings)

1/ Silent Force - 1993.

Athens based producer Silent Force makes his debut on the infamous Kode 5 Recordings label, and he's not taking any prisoners with this dark amen assault. Taking cue from breakbeat hardcore/jungle tracks from 1993, this single is all out darkcore, tear-out vibes. With a cinematic sweeping string intro and half speed breaks, '1993' shifts up a gear with the introduction of a huge rolling yet expertly chopped-up amen section. Further breakbeat splicing continues further into the track along with well incorporated 'Bride Of Frankenstein' dialogue samples. If you like your hardcore dark and oldskool sounding then '1993' delivers the goods.
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The return of DJ CRIP (Come Rave In Peace)

A legendary man in the oldschool scene since 1988, DJ CRIP (Come Rave In Peace) from Switzerland, producer/dj and of course manager of the mighty Oldskool Massive Recordings is back again revealing his new plans for 2015.
Already uploaded couple of new tunes & dubplates on his personal Soundcloud page and if you are fancy of this style of oldschool breakbeat then watch this space for some serious forthcoming release from him.

Njoy his freshness 

Beach Club & Relic - Rave New World [out on Dred Collective]

Dred Collective is a 2yr old label focusing on the nuskool sounds of footwork, breaks and jungle. It has already released lots of class tracks, EPs and LPs from some very talented producers wordwide, while this week the new offer comes from two well known gents to this label like Beach Club and Relic.
The theme is 'Footwork Jungle' cooked with Rave and oldskool vibes. 'Rave New World' is the name of this 3track EP collaboration between Beach Club and Relic (both of them run their own label Tribal Sound
Three outstanding gems blending footwork and rave giving a new sense to the Nu-Rave scene! Oldskool lovers and Nu-Ravers should dig this one out now!

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FRINGE- Can't Sleep [Kode 5 Recordings]

We warmly welcome the return of Fringe with his second release for Kode 5, dreamy 94 style jungle with a ever so slightly sinister edge, once again with a nod to Foul Play/Omni Trio and other production teams of the golden era, superb layered and chopped up breaks, amazing pads and ever so slightly sinister with clever switches from dreamy to dark sounds, essential listening and an essential purchase

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Friday, 19 September 2014

Rocksted E-Phantasy [HC Recordings]

Fresh out on HC Recordings today is 'Phantasy' by Rocksted E, kicking off with a bit of beat boxing into some nicely layered amen breaks and warm 91/92 esque pads reminiscent of Psychotropic's 'Hypnosis', quality rolling vibes with a nice uplifting feel

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

Kode074:: DJ Ziyad 'Triforce EP' [out now on KODE 5 Recordings]

UK based hardcore head, DJ Ziyad premiere release on KODE 5 Recordings is a 3track EP titled 'Triforce EP' delivering hardcore breaks and nu-rave spirit as it has to be in our days.
Three fresh nu-rave/nuskool tracks are ready to show off the reel oldskool feel and get you back to dance and..shock out!
Kode 5 Recordings needs no further description as it's one of the leading labels in the scene and on this nu-rave sound so the result should be successful.

Rush it down and...grab your copy now showing some support to the producer and KODE 5 crew.

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