Sunday, 2 August 2015

LUNA-C Reviews GL0WKiD

Last week, LUNA-C set up a #lunaclistens post on facebook where he's listening & reviewing the music from the first person who responds on this Monday's post with any track/podcast/radioshow. So this week he reviewed myself (GL0WKiD) after listening to my guest mix on Kushti's SolidSound radioshow (broadcasted on 22nd July 2015 @ Dublin South FM 93.9)

Regarding LUNA-C's review about my guest mix, I gotta admit that its definetely more than pleasure to receive such a great feedback from an established hardcore member like him. Feel glad we are having a good connection and of course its a kind of duty for all oldskool fans to support Kniteforce Records/KFA as the label is still busy in the hardcore game, remaining strong and releasing a large dose of stuff!

So here's a part of his review:

'' Having heard GL0WKiD before (he gave me a set for the Kniteforce podcast, Podcast 44 – go check it out), and having been in contact with him a number of times, the show definitely lived up to expectations. The last time I listened to one of his mixes I was surprised and happy to hear a large variety of hardcore tracks that were both breakbeat and modern and seemed to exist in a world of their own. It was fantastic, and this mix is more of the same, so it couldn’t be better really. GL0WKiD is a great Dj and all the mixes are tight enough that I sometimes couldn’t detect them. This mix showcases a different style of hardcore, one we could do with more of in my humble opinion, plus it is a very good interview with GL0WKiD. In the modern day, we all tend to message each other and often get straight to the point. So even though I have messaged with GL0WKiD before, and he has of course reviewed / posted about my music, there was a lot for me to learn about this Athens based Dj. ''

You can check out his full  review (featuring a link with GL0WKiD's guest mix + interview) as posted on KF website here:

(Read more about it on my review @ my fresh personal webplace here: 

Friday, 31 July 2015

[Dark Til Dawn Records] Vel Curve - High Speed [Free Single Of The Week]

1/ High Speed.
For the latest Dark Til Dawn Records freebie Single Of The Week they have enrolled the talents of Vel Curve who drops a lushly atmospheric piece of upfront drum & bass entitled 'High Speed', complete with rolling amen breaks, melodic techno keys and a warm Reese bassline. An essential addition to the collection for all followers of modern drum & bass.
Vel Curve's 'High Speed' is available to download for free from the  Soundcloud player below (click on the down arrow on the top-right corner), so be sure to play it loud and follow the label for more freebies.

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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

'The Strictly Nuskool Blog' Experience [mix by The Psysicist]

George Psimmenos aka The Physicist from Greece, is a great fan of this Blog, as he's been supporting tracks from SNB releases on his radio show called 'The Doppler Effect(broadcasted @ and more than that, remains a true oldskool & vinyl lover!
Here's a mix he made some days ago, showing appreciation to SNB's label's aspect and of course showcasing the producers involved inside!


01. D.S.K.F. - Feel The Power (Pursuit Remix)
02. Orestiz - Wake Up And See
03. DJ Wislov - Don't Leave Me
04. Pursuit - Kick Ya Legs In The Air (Don't Stand And Stare)
05. Paul Cronin - Next Is The Ecstasy
06. Chiqui - Rock The Beat
07. DJ Sashay - Feel The Vibe
08. Bassraver - Trippy Dayz
09. Gareth Monks - Ghost Plate
10. Alex Breako - Deep Love Pt 1
11. Liam Taylor - Sounds Of Rave
12. Nicky Allen - I Have A Dream
13. Gareth Monks - The Smokers Dream
14. Champion Breaks - Darkside Of Tariq
15. Sparki Dee - Race Against Time
16. Hamsta - Biscuit Nibbler
17. Mad Dog - Monged Out (DJ Nicky Allen And DJ Mystery 2014 Remix)
18. SKRU - Playday

You can grab the SNB back catalogue from this link here: [includes 13 EPs/2 Albums/8 xlclusive tracks]


Monday, 27 July 2015

Introducing:: PRESSURE (GR)

Spiros Stamoulis a.k.a. Pressure (or SpiralS as his Trance alias) is a new blood producer, that will definetely draw your attention as he has pure hardcore inside him!

He grew up listening to cassettes of Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, Kraftwerk and 80s dance in general, while in the early 90s, caught up with acid and hit-house and that was the time when he entered the world of Rave, Trance and Drum & Bass.

As a producer, Pressure made his first tracks using Fast Tracker II and since then he's still faithful to trackers and hardware synths. His production variety consists of different genres like Breakbeat, Hardcore, Drum n Bass, Gabber, Trance and Techno sounds, influenced always by the Oldskool spirit.

Most of his tracks were made around early 00s and some of them were even played out in clubs, parties and radio shows.

One of his tracks titled 'SADRAGGA' was made in 2006 and the idea of it was a tune with ragga loop using the Public Enemy’s (and later Techno two’s) break ft. a reverse hardcore synth melody. This 9 yr old track will be featured on a forthcoming release, which will be out from the Strictly Nuskool Blog featuring Greek producers dealing with Hardcore only.
Worth also to mention that this is his first confirmed signed track ever, even tho he's been producing for many years!

You can check out the preview of 'SADRAGGA' on his soundcloud page here:


Pressure's main influences are acts like Jean Micheal Jarre, Acen, Altern8, NRG, Invisible Man, Paradox, Art of Trance, Westbam and Ruffneck, just few to mention.

Apart from producing he was also involved with radio production as in 1997, he co-hosted the ''Break Alert show'' with his friend TheMaxx, which was broadcasted on different radio stations in Greece like Sky Radio FM, Blue Sky FM, Free FM, Tektonic web radio and finally as a Break Alert web radio. 

As a DJ, he experienced his first gig in 1998 after joining the Suburbia Crew. He played in Greek clubs (based in Athens) like Mad Club, Berlin, Graffiti, 7Heaven and in Capital (Lefkada). 
Over the last years, Spiros is a member dj of ‘90Vibes crew' spinning 90s dance music in various bars and clubs of Athens, alongside two of his old Suburbia partners and friends, Limited and Keith.


DJ Luna-C - Supaset 16 - Timewarp Volume One

"....The result is Supaset 16, The Timewarp set. The basic premise is this – if these artists were making these tracks today, how would they sound? If a 1992 Acen had been somehow given access to a 2015 studio, how would his track have sounded? I deliberately set myself aside as much as I could – I wanted to be a ghost of a producer, rebuilding the tracks but having no artistic impact.

I have tried to get as close to the originals as possible in every way possible. Some actually sound like I have magically pitched them up with no audio loss – these are the ones I am most proud of. Some differ from the originals because nowadays, you can either be 4×4 or breaks and bass. Back in the day, tracks often combined 4×4 and a bassline, which works with a light bassline, sort of, but absolutely would not work on the modern dance floor. So with some tracks, I had to make a choice which way to lean. It was important to me that the tracks could be played to a modern audience without compromising the original vibe.
I think I have done okay with that bit, the best I could do. "

Read full of his review/blogpost as posted on the official KF website here:

So this is the new Supaset 16 with Luna-C dropping a massive selection of oldskool vibes from big acts like Sonz of a Loop Da Loop Era, NRG, Fat Controller, Baby D, The Prodigy and many more others. These tracks used on Supaset 16 are remade from scratch and offer much emotion and happiness! Amazing result from a skillful, beloved andf established man in the scene like Luna-C..
No more words as am currently on the 2nd time in the row listening to it.. so addicted!

Press 'PLAY' button and remember that.. He and We never lost OUR HARDCORE!

Don't forget to sign up on the KF mailist list (go to the original KF website for it) as Luna-C is about to give away 24 tracks for free via this mailist list, every week 1 free track starting up from tomorrow!


Sunday, 26 July 2015

[LB 028] Markus Tee - Days Gone By / Break Through [Juno Exclusive Download - Available From 27/07/15!!!]

1/ Days Gone By.
2/ Break Through.

Markus Tee returns to the Liquid Boppers label with two sublime, yet energetic drum and bass tracks, from the rolling amen breaks and sweeping strings of 'Days Gone By', which captures the essence of mid-nineties atmospheric jungle labels like Bang-In Tunes, Lucky Spin and Liftin' Spirits Records, to the modern liquid drum & bass vibes of 'Break Through' which combines stepping breaks with lush, melodic keys.

The 'Days Gone By / Break Through' two track single is a sure-fire addition to any liquid or atmospheric drum & bass playlist and is available to purchase exclusively from Juno Download from 27/07/15.

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Friday, 24 July 2015


Track Killer is a 38 yr old producer from Athens/Greece focusing mainly on the harsh side of hardcore influenced by all forms of early gabber, mostly Ruffneck Gangsta Alliance productions and Cenobite productions and of course UK hardcore breaks scene. He's also inspired by artists like Lockjaw, Predator, Ruffneck and Leviathan.

Kostas has been producing since 2002 using the "holy trinity" (Cubase SX, Reason, Wavelab) and his first release came out in 2008 with a track titled 'Against The Machines' which is a collaboration with DJ Throttler. This tune featured on the Album 'V/A KONKRETE' out from Spectraliquid label.

After all these years, of neverending hard work on Gabber style tunes, he finally managed to get signed on a Dutch label like Brutal Force Records (sub-label of D-Force Records) offering 3 nuclear bombs on a fresh EP titled ''I'll Get You'' which is out now on digital format!
The style is strictly Dutch and fit to the label's sound providing sick gabberish attitude!
Totally a must weapon for all hard crew out there!

Grab your copies on

Beatport  here
Juno  here
Amazon  here

RATE: 8/10
FAV TRACK: ''I'll Get You''

Track Killer's forthcoming releases
Worth to mention that Track Killer will be involved on a forthcoming Strictly Nuskool Blog release, which will cover 'Hardcore in Greece' (more info tba) and before that, in a few months from now, a new personal EP will be released on Brutal Force Records again, which shows much appreciation to his style as it seems!
Finally one more new track of him will be featured on 'Evidence Tape [special collectors release]' out during August 2015, compiled by dj/producer and owner of Painbringer Records, Painbringer