Friday, 22 May 2015

7TH 12007 - The Dark Arts Volume 2 [7th STOREY PROJECTS]

A 5year old label like the 7th Storey Projects has recently revealed its 7th release, which is the second essential part of 'The Dark Arts'.

Good to see great members in the scene being involved on this one like our very own hard workin man, Stuart Hayes aka Breakbeatscientist (Strictly Nuskool Blog), who must be proud for this vinyl release as an early producer (released tunes on Paranoid Recordings & Strictly Nuskool Blog) then the Nuskool 'Dark teacher' like DJ FX ( owner of Demonic Possession Recordings) Mr. 'Blog To The Old Skool' like Dev/Null (8205 Recordings) words are really unnecessary for him too and finally Toronto's hardcore junglist in the name of Fringe, who has already released tracks on our latest 'Strictly Nuskool Vol.2' Album, HiHeadz, Kode 5 Recordings and Switchblade Digital.

The theme of this vinyl release is Dark again and '93 stylish with the terror breakbeats of DJFX and the aggressive 'The Luckiest Spin' of Dev/Null goin to the newcomers Fringe & Breakbeatscientist class breakbeat skills & hardcore jungle devotion!

In conclusion its about a top release, strictly for vinyl lovers who respect themselves and these Dark Breakbeat sounds! Preorders are open so hurry up to make it happen!


A1. FX - Lights Out
A2. Fringe - Is That Why
B1. Dev/Null - The Luckiest Spin
B2. Breakbeatscientist - Time To Play (Doorway To Hell Mix)

All tracks have been lovingly mastered and cut by the legendary Beau Thomas at Ten Eight Seven Mastering in London, and will be pressed by Optimal:Media in Germany, so top quality is assured.

7th Storey Projects





[CUT 019] DJ Fav - I'm So Scared [Available From All Good Digital Stores Now]

1/ I'm So Scared.

The Summer of Darkness continues with Switchblade Digital's 19th release, this time featuring the Lord of dark hardcore himself and long time champion of hardcore breaks and dark drum & bass. The one and only DJ Fav.
'I'm So Scared' ticks all the boxes for making a 1993-style, darkcore classic. ominous chimes, rolling amen breaks, booming bass, jittery rave stabs, creepy horror flick dialogue, and most importantly, mind-scouring mentasm riffs that would give Doc Scott nightmares. DJ Fav expertly melds these ingredients to craft his own unique take on the dark hardcore/jungle formula, and to ensure that this particular brand of rave music is far from being dead.
So be sure to grab a copy of 'I'm So Scared' if you consider yourself a lover of deep and dark jungle.
Juno Download...
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[7TH 12008] The Invisible Man - The Journey EP [Limited Edition 12" Available For Pre-Order]

A - The Journey. (1993 Previously Unreleased)
AA1 - The Flute Tune. (1994)
AA2 - Space. (1993)
7th Storey Projects are back with a vengeance to bring you a brand new, limited edition 12" EP of rare and unreleased jungle rarities from the early nineties, and have teamed up with the legendary producer, The Invisible Man (Timeless Recordings, G-Spot Records, Good Looking...), on the release of 'The Journey EP'.
Opening with a previously unreleased, lost classic 'The Journey', a spiritual fore bearer of The Invisible Man's classic 'The End'. A 'Think' break driven, atmospheric stepper embellished by moody descending synths, soothing bass throbs and vintage sci-fi dialogue. 'The Journey' encapsulates just why 1993 was such a pivotal moment in time during the transition from hardcore to jungle to drum & bass, whilst keeping all of those essential elements enfolded into the one track. 
1994's 'The Flute Tune', which was released, and subsequently sold out on the Sublogic Recordings label in 2008 has been re-released once more due to increasing demand for The Invisible Man's rarities. 'The Flute Tune' combines lushly euphoric pads which hint towards the artist's future dalliances with the Good Looking Records label, with fiercely tearing amen break edits. A track which melds the rough with the smooth expertly.
The EP closes with 'Space', which appeared alongside the classic 'Into Da Future' on the Camden Tunes label way back in 1993 under The Invisible Man's The Undergraduates pseudonym. 'Space' also straddles the hardcore-jungle divide with rolling amens, twinkling melodies and booming basslines battling it out with gorgeous atmospherics.
'The Journey EP' has been fully licensed for release by The Invisible Man himself and has been mastered and cut by  Beau Thomas (aka Intense, The White House Crew, Babylon Timwarp) at Ten Eight Seven Mastering in London, which guarantees a top quality vinyl press.
'The Journey EP' is available for pre-order from the 7th Storey Projects webstore link below for £9.99 (plus Postage & Packaging), and is expected to be ready for delivery at the end of July 2015.

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Wednesday, 20 May 2015

"TOP 5 OF THE WEEK" by GL0WKiD's Generation X [RadioShow] @ Planet Rave Radio (19May2015)

This week's showcase covered again different aspects of Nuskool Hardcore vibes dressed up with Oldskool flavour as always incl. Hardcore Breaks, Ravecore, Footwork, Juke, Jungletek, Hardcore Techno & Happy Hardcore vibes! Thanx a lot to all producers & label managers sent over their promos to feature. Shouts out to Damage Inc, Orestiz, Wess Coasta (Armed & Hammered) Amiga Breaks & Dark Til Dawn Records, Alk-M-E, Khaos Knights and Jungletek Queen, MandiDextrous!

I've decided to display each track from a different genre on the top 5 of this week with tracks played out on the latest Generation X [RadioShow] (19th May 2015)..  It was quite hard to select it as the feedback for all the vibes was more than positiv & props go to all producers involved, who did great work on their productions! Bigup also to the labels featured inside!

05. Pengaton - Is All Is 

A great juke tune from UK based producer like Pengaton. Unfortunately we know few things about the producer, but you may check out his soundcloud page finding 'Is All Is' and one more class footwork tune! Digging both of them really!

04. Chairman Meow - Brainwaves [Sociopath Recordings/Lasersquid]
Andrew Bobryk aka Chairman Meow from Canada, is an outstanding Nuskol producer dropping different kinds of banging raves! This 303 tribecore killer called 'Brainwaves' is taken from the latest conspiracy release with his East Coast Lasersquid bro like JonBob, and is titled 'The Mashed Potatoes EP'! Huge blend of Breakcore, Hardcore, Drum & Bass, Hardtek vibes on this release! You should check it out! Out now, Free Download from Sociopath Recordings & Lasersquid Music!

03. Alk-M-E - Ravin'
Found him by accident while searchin' over new talents.. Hailing from North East England and being only 20yrs old, DJ Alk-M-E is about to release forthcoming stuff on Long Live The Animals, Lemtek and Abusive Wreckords, Prescribed Records & NSA Sounds! The future looks bright to him really as this promo track in here titled 'Ravin'' is a serious ravecore damage! A strong proof that nu-rave youth goes right and keeps it on high levels these days!

02. The Prodigy - Beyond The Deathray (Khaos Knights Bootleg)
First of all am a great fan of the original track 'Beyond the Deathray' taken from The Prodigy's new album 'The Day Is My Enemy'. Fair play in here from UK's Drum & Bass duet, Khaos Knights on the remix duties spitting hot bass into this cinematic sense of the original track!
Best way to close this showcase..

01. Orestiz - Toxic Tunes
Seems that a part of Greek Mythology tells the truth as Orestiz is reborn over the last 15yrs producing mental hardcore productions influenced of electro/funk/hiphop and sometimes trance sounds! Definetely Orestiz, from Greece, is an essential & respected member of Nu-Rave & Hardcore Breaks scene in general. Grab this toxic gem now on his fresh bandcamp page here.

Listen to full showcase:

GL0WKiD's GenerationX [RadioShow]
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[KLPR010] Inna Culture - Ganja Man [Brand New From KLP Records - Hitting All Good Musical Stores 25/05/15]

1/ Ganja Man.
Looking for some summer jungle vibes to lift you from the lacklustre weather that we've been having in the UK? Then KLP Records have the perfect dub/reggae, jungle bubbler for you (if you're lucky enough to live in warmer territory then this'll be the soundtrack for you to!).
Newcomers to the label, Inna Culture (veteran production duo Jay Jay & Mark C) present 'Ganja Man', a head-nodding, reggae skank melody driven jungle stepper chock full of warping bass whomps and chunky, rattling breaks.
If classics like Smokey Joe's 'Shining' float your boat then Inna Culture's 'Ganja Man' can easily be regarded as a spiritual forbearer of Golden Era jungle. KLP Records representing jungle/D&B since 1994. "Do it Jah!!!!"
Inna Culture's 'Ganja Man' will be available from the KLP Records Bandcamp store and all good digital music stores from 25/05/15.

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Monday, 18 May 2015

[KFA66] Luna-C + Reeve - Risk! EP (Executive Edition) [Available From Kniteforce Again]

1/ Take Me Home.
2/ Can It Be Sweet.
3/ Remorse + Glory.
4/ A Million Miles.
(Bonus Executive Edition Only Track)
5/ Under The Sun.
Chris Howell (aka Luna-C, Reeve, Cru-l-t, and a plethora of other pseudonyms) embarks on his most ambitious musical projects with the release of the brand new 'Risk! EP' on Kniteforce Again. Combining his trademark hardcore sound under the Luna-C moniker with his more traditional song-writing persona Reeve, to compose an astounding 5-track EP of self-vocal led songs from all corners of the rave sphere, accompanied by 4 excellent music videos.
'Take Me Home' sets the ball rolling with Reeve providing rebellious yet anxiety fuelled vocals overlaid with frenetic D&B breaks and an ominous, twisted bassline. Jumping from D&B straight onto pounding, euphoric breaks driven upfront hardcore with 'Can It Be Sweet' accompanied by Chris's bittersweet vox yearning for change. 
'Remorse + Glory' kicks off with gabber-esque kickdrums as the driving force, accentuated by warped synth stabs and surrealist lyrical content. Watch out for the monster trance riff midway!!! My personal favourite track, 'A Million Miles' follows next. Merging gentle guitar licks, soothing piano melodies and lilting lyrical songmanship with tearing drum & bass percussion and growling bass. A song which appears uplifting on first hearing, yet contains a sense of melancholy on further listens.
The Executive Edition of the 'Risk! EP' closes with the rousing trance, breaks, and hardcore crossover, 'Under The Sun'. Has Luna-C (and Reeve of course) achieved his ambitious goal of combining deeper lyrical content within a rave based medium with 'The Risk! EP'? You only have to listen to understand that Kniteforce Again has passed all expectations.
The Luna-C + Reeve 'Risk! EP (Executive Edition)' is available from the Kniteforce Revolution webstore for a limited time, for the $6.50 (approx £4.15) before being sold as individual tracks (with the bonus track being withdrawn from sale!!!). So be quick!!!
Be sure to check out awesome Luna-C + Reeve 'Risk! EP' music videos below.
 Take Me Home
Can It Be Sweet
Remorse & Glory
A Million Miles
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