Tuesday, 31 March 2015


A1 - Living in Chains.
A2 - Fiebings (BSP Mix).
B1 - Well Of Souls.
B2 - Trails (Franker R.I.P).
The highly esteemed Yellow Machines label famous for it's eclectic and high quality multi-genre back catalogue introduces it's brand new offshoot label Modified Magic with a 4-Track digital and  Limited Edition 12" vinyl EP from Tap Throw (AKA Luke Williams/Quinoline Yellow).
The 'Dip Switches E.P' take you deep into vintage jungle territory from the onset with 'Living In Chains' kicking off the EP with a classic Think break accentuated with jazzy synths and miniscule rave stab FX. Atmospheric and dreamy synth washes envelope you on 'Fiebings (BSP Mix)', driven on by stepping breaks and gentle bass throbs.
'Well Of Souls' opens up the B-Side with a clockwork, breakbeat intro before unleashing crunching Virgo breaks overlaid with a thumping bassline and classic jazz sighs to get the sample-spotters ears twitching. Closing track, the hypnotically drifting 'Trails (Franker R.I.P)' combines rhythmic and atmospheric keys with intricate breaks and spinback effects.
If the classic mellow sounds of Reinforced Records and A Guy Called Gerald circa 1994-95 sends you off to jungle heaven then Tap Throw's 'Dip Switches E.P' will be a guaranteed welcome addition to your record box.
The 'Dip Switches E.P' is scheduled for a full vinyl and digital release in April, however Yellow Machines have a very small quantity of 12" vinyl pre-sales available to purchase now before the release date, for £8.99 plus P&P from the link below...

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Monday, 30 March 2015


1/ Lost In Jungle.
2/ Back In The Jungle.

The Beat Rapist returns once again to Good News Boppers with two brand new jungle slammers for his heavyweight 'Jungle:Oldskool' single.

First off the mark is 'Lost In Jungle', which features Beat Rapist's trademark, ominous and immersive bass throbs and intricately chopped up amen breaks to create a perfect example of controlled chaos. 'Lost In Jungle' then flows seamlessly into it's companion piece 'Back In The Jungle' which incorporates the classic 'Apocalypse Now' speech segment into an apocalyptic tear-out amen and Reese bass assault all accentuated with growling mentasms. Not for the faint-hearted!!!

There is a very distinct 1994 ruffneck vibe to 'Lost In Jungle' and 'Back In The Jungle' which will prove essential purchasing to all jungle nostalgia heads who prefer their beats and basslines deep, dark and heavy.

Huge props also go out to the Good News Boppers graphic artist for coming up with an excellent vinyl hunters' nostalgia trip photo for the 'Jungle:Oldskool' artwork!



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Friday, 27 March 2015

2Brainz - Dank Sensi (Legalize It Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE NOW!!!]

1/ Dank Sensi (Legalize It Remix).

USA based junglists 2Brainz have a special treat for all jungle heads with a fresh 2015 remix of ruffneck herbalist anthem, 'Dank Sensi'.

The 'Legalise It Remix' opens with stepping breaks and sensimilla championing ragga vocals before launching into  a tear-out, chopped up, metallic amen break section and thumping bass. Resulting in a spacious, dubby reworking of the moody original version, whist keeping things faithful also. A must for all junglists who are looking for some moody dancefloor devastation!!!

'Dank Sensi (Legalise It Remix)' has been fully missed down and mastered and is available as a free download from the 2Brainz Bandcamp page, and is available in MP3 / MP4 / FLAC or any other file format you could possibly want.


(Please remember that you can also give what you feel the track is worth if you are feeling generous! Support the music that you love!!!)

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Thursday, 26 March 2015

[DEEPIN 013] Evade - Healing Of The Nation / 64 Tetra [AVAILABLE FROM ALL GOOD DIGITAL STORES NOW]

1/ Healing The Nation.
2/ 64 Tetra.

Deep In The Jungle Records present the brand new 2-track single from  new skool jungle ambassador, Evade. Opening with the ruffneck ragga jungle smasher 'Healing Of The Nation' which blends smooth, soulful synths with a moody bassline, heavyweight breaks and ragga exaltations  towards the 'ganja weed'.

On the flipside things get darker with the ominous '64 Tetra'. Featuring darkcore synths straight out of 1993, severely mashed up amen break edits (check out the spinbacks and bitcrushing!!!) and massive reversed bass throbs.

Evade's tracks are guaranteed to please all jungle heads and gives the classic ragga and dark jungle templates a tight, modern makeover for 2015.

Evade's 'Healing The Nation / 64 Tetra' single is available from the following digital stores and more...



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[KFA67] Demcore - Demise E.P. (Executive Edition) [OUT NOW FROM KNITEFORCE REVOLUTION.COM!!!]

1/ The Noise.
2/ Life Is Nothing But Timing.
3/ Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac).
4/ Superman III.
Executive Edition Bonus Tracks
5/ Grind Everyday.
6/ I Did That By Nature.

For their next release, Kniteforce Again introduces a brand new addition to the label's artist roster in the form of Demcore, who debuts with 'The Demise E.P. (Executive Edition)'. Featuring 6 thumping upfront hardcore tracks peppered with lashings of kickdrums and euphoric hands-in-the-air synths.

From the trancecore styled, rallying call track 'The Noise' which opens the EP with an infectiously uplifting synth melody and pulsing 4/4 beat, and it's equally euphoric partner 'Life Is Nothing But Timing'. The electro-house tinged belter that is 'Always Been Much More Than That (Hardcore Maniac)' and the cheeky 'Star Wars' sampling 'Superman III', which features a monolithic trance breakdown.

To the epic sounding rap sampling and stab infused 'Grind Everyday' and the closing track, 'I Did That By Nature', with it's clever breakbeat accentuations. 'The Demise E.P.' is an intricately and expertly crafted collection of energetic dancefloor bangers and clearly shows that Demcore will be a welcome addition to KFA as well as being a hardcore force to be reckoned with in the near future.

For those who are quick enough to purchase the Executive Edition, in addition to the 2 bonus tracks there is also an exclusive Demcore WAV sample pack for all producer to have a tinker with.

The Demcore 'Demise E.P.' is available to download as an exclusive 6-Track Executive Edition release for 4 weeks only, before tracks 5 & 6 are deleted from sale. So get in there early to avoid missing out. It's available for a measly $6.50 (that's approximately £4.15 UK money!), so no excuse not to!!! Follow the link below.

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Wednesday, 25 March 2015

[PRMP3011] Various Artists - Feel The Power EP [FREE 4-TRACK EP FROM PARANOID RECORDINGS]

1/ Pursuit - The Dark Crystal.
2/ Leonized - Living In Darkness.
3/ Breakbeatscientist - Darl Prophecy.
4/ RenegadeGenius - Feel The Power.

In November 2014 the www.backtotheoldskool.co.uk and www.its-all-about-oldskool.co.uk forums in conjunction with Paranoid Recordings ran a track making competition with a simple premise. Each track should contain at least 5 samples from a provided sample pack, and that all tracks submitted would be judged and voted for, anonymously by forum members. The competition saw many great entries and Paranoid Recordings announced that they would be releasing a series of EP's featuring the cream of submissions.

March 2015 sees the release of the dark hardcore breaks and jungle themed 'Feel The Power EP'  featuring tracks from Pursuit, Leonized, RenegadeGenius and my own submission as Breakbeatscientist.

Opening up with a dark junglistic hardcore treat from Pursuit entitled 'The Dark Crystal'. Which implements a head-nodding 'Think' break alongside moody, growling bass snarls and one helluva spine-tingling drop midway all interspersed with choice samples from the similarly titled movie.
Up next, Leonized incorporates some near-breakcore style breakbeat switching and monsterous industrial effects to the jungle/drum & bass template with 'Living In Darkness'. But balancees the harshness with some lush sweeping strings to create a hugely effective nu-skool jungle tune.

'Dark Prophecy' by my good self comes up next and brings forth atmospheric synths for a restrained opening section before an amen break and pulsating bassline drives the track along to a massive stab and hoover drop.
RenegadeGenius closes the EP  with his 1993-styled darkcore monster, 'Feel The Power' which features  thundering chopped up breaks, moody strings, thumping bass and positively the sickest sounding mentasm stab riff that I've ever heard.

All in all 4 menacing tunes guaranteed to bring back the spirit of 1993-1994 darkside hardcore.

The 'Feel The Power EP' is available to download for FREE in 320 bitrate MP3 format via the link below...


Massive Respects to DJ Gaffer, RenegadeGenius and all the Paranoid Recordings crew for putting this project together!!!

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